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Carbon farming network

The Rai Matak carbon farming network is helping restore the planet.
Across Timor-Leste, our network of local groups is planting trees to capture carbon from the atmosphere to form a carbon sink. By increasing carbon stored in vegetation, we can reduce pollution, restore degraded soils, improve water quality and enhance crop production – creating a more sustainable world where people and communities can thrive.
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Ho Musan Ida (extension area)

Locations: Viqueque, Bacau, Lautem
Ho Musan Ida has been leading the development and implementation of community-led carbon farming in Timor-Leste for the past 12 years. It is the first internationally certified carbon farming program in Timor-Leste under the Gold Standard afforestation/reforestation certification. The Rai Matak project builds on the Ho Musan Ida model, and will include Ho Musan Ida extending its area of work beyond Baguia where it began and engaging with smallholder farmers in Viqueque, Bacau and Lautem. This extension activity is similar to throwing a stone in a pond with the ripples connecting with more communities.

Centro Communidade Covalima (CCC)

Location: Suai
A local NGO based in Covalima, working in agriculture and community development. CCC and Ho Musan Ida have partnered together to implement the Ho Musan Ida model since 2018, with CCC the first local implementer to join the Rai Matak project. In the project’s first year, CCC team members took part in training focused on GIS applications and tree monitoring using TreeO2, enabling CCC to conduct ground-truthing and land-mapping to identify eligible planting areas.

Timor Verde (TV)

Locations: Triloka, Baucau
Established in 2005 by five people with expertise in forestry, education, agriculture and science. TV’s vision is for every citizen in Timor-Leste to live well within a sustainable environment. Through cooperation and collaboration between civil society and government, TV is supporting communities to have the power and resilience to mitigate and adapt to all challenges – including climate change.


Locations: Liquica
NETIL has been operating in Liquica since 2009 with focus on environment and empowerment. Their vision is to improve agricultural practices and advocate for justice within communities.  NETIL became an implementing partner with the Rai Matak project in 2022. Gold Standard documentation has been completed for the first validation audit, which is expected to be undertaken in the first quarter of 2023.
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Buy carbon credits

Carbon credits generated through the Rai Matak project are available to purchase, helping you offset your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable, equal and just world.

Currently we are out of stock for Gold Standard Carbon Credits. However, if you wish to support the program and the planet, we encourage you to Adopt A Tree.

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Future initiatives

As part of our long-term focus, Rai Matak will look to establish a national carbon foundation across Timor-Leste. This initiative will be led by Timorese people for Timorese people, and will be a country-wide approach dedicated to pursuing a green economy.